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We provide a full range of dental treatment at affordable prices, using the most advanced technologies and modern materials. Avrodent Odessa specializes in dental tourism and is located in Odessa, Ukraine.

Welcome to an Amazing Dental Tourism Experience

We can’t wait to show you why Foreign Patients love us!

We welcome foreign patients to come to our clinic for dental care.

Regardless of whether you decide to purchase a dental package or you want to organize everything on your own – in any case, we are always happy to help you.

You will be able to save up to 70-90% with us compared to the prices in US, EU, Canada or Australia.

Our Mission is to provide you with excellent dental health and a custom treatment plan for all of your long-term dental goals.

World-Class Dentistry

Clean, Comfortable Office

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World-Class Dental Services

We combine the best in technology, procedures and caring staff members to meet all of your dental needs.


Discover your best possible smile from a dental practice that truly cares


Call us immediately for emergency treatment if you are experiencing pain


Truly pain-free extractions an excellent after care is what we’re known for


Our specialized cleanings and whitenings ensure a radiant smile

See What A Few Of Our Happy Dental Clients Have To Say

Terence Walker

Wow! This is the best experience, at a dentist, I have ever had!! Truly professionals.

Danny Vigil

I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants quality service.


I received great service at good value. The staff was friendly and highly competent.

Fantastic Dental Care the First Time, Every Time!

At Avrodent Dental, we provide fantastic care for all our dental patients. From initial exams to fillings, extractions and cosmetic procedures, our team will take excellent care of all your dental needs.

– No Need for Multiple Visits over One Issue
– No Temporary Fillings or Multiple Injections
– No Compromise in the Quality of Your Care

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A Refreshing New Twist on Cosmetic Dentistry

At Avrodent Dental Odessa, we understand that you have a busy life. We have easy scheduling options & extended hours to always meet your schedule. Our after-hours call service also means you can call us day or night. With a relaxed modern environment and excellent dental care, you’ll love our patient care services.

Case Study - The Need for Quality Dental Care

Dental care is about more than a smile- healthy teeth and gums support a lifetime of good health. Poor dental care can be linked to heart disease, diabetes, sinus problems and even certain cancers. That’s why regular check-ups are essential for children and adults alike.

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The Myth of Maintaining A Healthy Smile

Even bright white smiles can occasionally have hidden problems forming along the gumline. The only way to guarantee a lifetime of great dental health is to perform annual checkups and cleanings to protect the plaque-sensitive areas around your gums. We use the most advanced technology to ensure a lifetime of great dental health.

About Avrodent Dental Odessa

With over 18 years of impeccable dental service, we truly care about your health and your experiences with us. Our team will do everything within their power to help you meet each and every one of your dental needs and goals.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Excellent Dental Professionals

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Advanced Dental Technology

Accepting All Major Foreign Currency

Experience True 5-Star Dental Service

Avrodent Dental Odessa provides a full range of dental treatment at affordable prices, using the most advanced technologies and modern materials. Avrodent Dental Odessa specializes in dental tourism and is located in Odessa, Ukraine.

Meet Our World-Class Dental Team

We are passionate about smiles and having the latest technology is one step we can take to help save yours!

Daniel Borodenko, D.D.S.

Alexander Gorodetskiy, P.R.M

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I schedule a dental check-up?
Annual check-ups and cleanings are the general standard for patients with good dental health. You should always be seen immediately if you have any type of swelling, pain or gum bleeding.

What should I do if I’m feeling pain in my tooth?
Ice packs and aspirin can often provide temporary relief until you can be seen, but remember that most dental problems will only become worse in time. Immediate treatment is essential!

What does it mean if my gums are bleeding?
Plaque buildup is the most common cause of bleeding gums, but it can also be an early sign of an advanced gum disease. We will gladly take a look and help you determine the ideal treatment.

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