Avrodent Odessa is the premier choice for Dental Tourism in Odessa

Located in Odessa, Ukraine, our clinic is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to patients from all around the globe. Our dentists have more than 18 years of combined experience and have been trained at Odessa State Medical University – the oldest medical university with 118 years of history, one of the best medical universities in the world – and have state dental licenses. In addition, our dentists are constantly upgrading their skills. They attend professional courses and seminars both in Ukraine and abroad. Dr. Daniel Borodenko treats patients using the latest technology – treatment under a microscope. Dr. Borodenko defended his Ph.D. dissertation – root canals treatment under a microscope.

At Avrodent Odessa, our staff is like a family. Each member is a valuable asset for our team and plays a vital role in the patient experience. From Alexander Gorodetskiy, our friendly Patient Relations Manager, who picks you up from the airport and helps you gently go through the process of staying in our city and treatment in our clinic – to our talented team of doctors and assistants who provide our patients with unprecedented dental care. Their main goal is the same: to provide our patients with an incredible dental experience that exceeds all that they would find at home. Call us today or contact us by email to find out how we can help you attain the smile that you have always dreamed of, at a price you can afford!

With qualifications like these, the choice is clear!

  • Our two on-staff dentists have over 18 years of combined dental experience.

  • Dr. Daniel Borodenko is the 3rd generation dentist in his family. His family name is synonymous with dentistry in Odessa. No doctor has a better reputation.

  • Dr. Borodenko treats patients using the latest technology – treatment under a microscope.

  • Dr. Borodenko defended his Ph.D. dissertation – root canal treatment under a microscope.

  • His colleague and wife Dr. Natalya Tokar is specialized in periodontics and whitening

  • Avrodent Odessa is a high-end, state of the art facility with all of the best dental equipment available.

  • Avrodent Odessa is one of the few clinics in Odessa with an on-site laboratory.

  • An on-site laboratory means that any crowns, bridges and implants our patients may need are ready much faster than if they were sent out to be made. It also allows us to maintain stricter quality control.

Our licenses and Certificates

Our Practice

World-class dental treatment from our professionals - the 3rd generation of dentists since 1947

Welcome to Avrodent Odessa, conveniently located in the historic downtown of Odessa, Ukraine. Here, our professionals know that dental health is not just about white smiles: it’s about having strong teeth and healthy gums. It’s about prolonging the simple joy of eating delicious things! Our mission is to help our patients accomplish these goals in a painless, compassionate, and efficient way.

We aim to educate our patients in a safe environment while offering them necessary comprehensive care. We understand that many people have anxiety about dental treatment, so we created a soothing environment and a scheduling system that never keeps you waiting long. By combining the latest technology with traditional techniques, we give our patients the best care.

Daniel Borodenko, D.D.S.

Native Odessa, Dr. Daniel Borodenko is a dentist in the 3rd generation .  His grandfather founded a dental dynasty in 1947, and  spent most of his brilliant career as dental surgeon working on for more than 40 years in one of the clinics in the center of Odessa. After that he immigrated abroad and finished his dental career at the age 86. Dr. Borodenko’s father is still working as a head of state dental clinic in the city’s downtown. Daniel himself graduated from Odessa State Medical University. Before opening the Avrodent, he worked three years in  Institute of Dentistry of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, where he gained great practical experience. He combines his work in Avrodent Odessa with work in the medical center Medmarin which conducts medical examinations  for sailors and drivers. He is treating patients, using the most advanced technology – treatment under miscroscope.He specializes in dental surgery and endodontics.  When not at his clinic, he trains at the gym and spends free time walking with his wife and three-years-old son. 

Nataliya Tokar, D.M.D.

Daniel’s wife and college, Dr. Nataliya Tokar  also comes from a family of doctors. Her father was the head of the infectious hospital in Izmail, in the south of the Odessa region, and her mother worked all her life as a radiologist. Nataliya graduated from Odessa State Medical University with D.M.D degree. She specializes in periodontics, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. During her free time, he visits fitness studio and is engaged in housekeeping.

Alexander Gorodetskiy, Patient Relations Manager

Native Odessa, Alexander Gorodetskiy has worked in Avrodent Odessa since the very foundation of our clinic. He graduated from Kherson State University in 2009 and received a bachelor’s degree in economic theory. Since that time, he does everything to make our patients feel comfortable from the time they arrive in our city until the end of treatment. He meets guests at the airport, carries out a primary consultation related to the choice of treatment options even before the arrival of patients, assists them in choosing a hotel or apartment, and also fully accompanies them during their stay in Odessa. In his free time Alexander likes to go in for sports and also walking along the seashore.

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