Elbert Wiebe, Canada


Thank you very much for showing me your clinic, and also thanks to Alex for it comfortable.

I will express my first thoughts of your clinic are quite amazing, very clean, organized and the new modern equipment available for treatment. Your business first of all comes with English speaking dentist, and a warm smile to greet anyone. The display of technology, the long lasting family knowledge of dentistry and the modern equipment will ensure a successful visit for anyone, near or who travels from abroad.

My congratulations!!!!!

Kaycee, Nigeria

“ I received great service at good value “

I had my teeth professionally cleaned. I received great service at good value. The staff was friendly and highly competent. I enjoyed my time there.

Danny Vigil, Hawaii


“ I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants quality service “

I had a great experience at Avrodent Odessa. I called the clinic and very easily had an appointment the next day. I had a tooth extracted and it was very comfortable and pain-free. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants quality service. A very good price and I look forward to additional dental services in the near future. I am American and welcome all foreigners to visit this clinic.
Thank you, Daniel and special thanks to Alexander who made my experience very easy and comfortable.

Miranda Brandshaw, US

 am Miranda from Escondido California and I’m 16 years old.

I just got back from Odessa Ukraine where I had 4 wisdom teeth removed at AVRODENT Odessa, the procedure was actually very fun. As a person who has a problem with dentists I was actually quite comfortable. The liason, Alexander was positively wonderful! He spoke perfect English and was in contact with us through Whatsapp after we emailed AVRODENT with a basic price range quote. He told me about the doctor, Daniel, who spoke perfect English as well and took all four of my teeth out very quickly and painlessly with local anisthetic. Overall my experience with AVRODENT Odessa was absolutely wonderful! Halfway through I actually called it fun. I would highly recommend choosing AVRODENT if you need any dental work done!

Kurt Helle, Sweden

I visited Odessa and Avrodent Odessa for the last week in June this summer. I had an extensive treatment at the clinic.

Before surgery I visited the clinic for a consultation with Dr. Borodenko and was vey assured by the professionalism of the staff and the spot-free and highly modern clinic, which was well up to the latest Swedish standard. The panoramic x-ray was taken at another clinic for a minor cost.The surgery, which lasted four hours, was completely pain-free! I bit of minor discomfort of course, due to the long duration and the quite extensive work that was done, but to my surprise and contrary to my expectations, no pain.

Overall I would recommend Dr. Daniel Borodenko and his excellent clinic and staff to anyone in need of complex dental surgery. His enthusiasm of his profession and obvious expertise is very reassuring to a patient.During our stay we had the bonus to enjoy the beautiful and charming city of Odessa, full of history, architecture, beaches and amazing restaurants.

I will return to Avrodent Odessa later this fall for the completion of my treatment.

David Wilson, UK

I am extremely happy with the professional dental service I have received from the Avrodent Clinic. Aleks has helped me in every way with guidance and administration, advice for preparation and information prior to my visit to pickup at the airport through to arranging my taxi when I left and Daniel who is an amazing and enthusiastic dedicated dentist. They have all the modern modern technology and techniques, cleanliness, wonderful friendly staff and it was so easy from start to finish to get information and cost estimates for my treatment and agreeing the plan and carrying out the work. Daniel is highly skilled and knowledgeable in all apects of Dentistry. I had several long sessions in the chair without any real pain during or after the treatments which was very good considering the work that was done and Daniel’s concentration and professionalism at all times was outstanding! I have had several crowns replaced which look and feel fantastic and new implants fitted and I will return soon to complete my treatment for finishing the implants, some more crowns and bridge replacement. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants incredible treatment with high quality materials with top quality service and care at a very reasonable cost with the bonus of visiting Odessa which is a wonderful city.

Daniel Thomas, UK

First time in Odessa and look from the minute I landed, told exactly what was happening as well as updated. The dentist did look after my needs for my time period I was there (6 days). I had 6 implants all done in one visit less than 2hours 30mins, given the correct guidance and help thank you 10 stars.

Lars Drewes, Denmark

Extremely good service! I had 12 amalgam removals and replaced with new fillings, and I also had 3-4 minor issues fixed and in the end a whitening of all teeth. I didn’t feel any pain, everything went so smooth and comfortable. For the first time in my life, I actually liked going to the dentist.

I’m from Denmark where the dentist is so very expensive, so I’m amazed I could get all this service for only 965 euro with everything.

I was there for three evenings, I think in all I spent about 8-9 hours in that chair with two professionals working and in the room beside Alexander would be waiting for me all this time. Alexander is the clinics Patient Relation Manager and he came to pick me up at the airport, showed me around the city, where to go for this and that. We had daily contact and he helps with everything one needs, it felt very nice and safe. And now he’s my good friend in Odessa.

That is also very special with this clinic, you get 100% attention and you get a very close relationship. I can only recommend this to everyone that is thinking travelling abroad to have teeth made. The service is the best, the cheapest and you’ll have a nice holiday at the same time. With lots of love from Denmark!

Melody Moon Lepore, Germany

Professional cleaning. Very helpful and kind team

Avrodent Dental Odessa