1) Dentistry as a branch of medicine began to develop in Ukraine in the second half of 19th century. Then, in some universities of Ukraine, the first faculties of dentistry were opened.

2) Dentists in Ukraine study for 5 years at medical universities, after which an additional 2 years of internship take place – this is the period of practical training in clinics or hospitals under the supervision of an experienced specialist. After completing the internship, and after 7 years of training in general, dentists are admitted to state exams for receiving the dental license. These exams are conducted under the supervision of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

3) Dentists in Ukraine usually study at three faculties – general dentistry, dental surgery and orthopedic dentistry.

4) Dental technicians study for 3 years at medical colleges.

5) In Ukraine there are several leading educational institutions in the field of dentistry. For example, dentists in Odessa, Ukraine study at the Odessa National Medical University – one of the most oldest medical universities in Ukraine, which is 119 years old.

6) Dentists in Ukraine treat patients according to European medical protocols.

7) Dentists in Ukraine use the most modern equipment – for example, a dental microscope, intraoral scanners, 3D printers etc.

8) Prices for dental services in Ukraine are 50-70% lower than in the USA, Canada, Australia or EU.

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