Dnipro students have developed a mobile application – a caries treatment simulator – which allows you to practice without harm to “ live “ patients.

A group of 15 students from the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Dnipropetrovsk National University helped the dentists great by developing a mobile application with which you can practice caries treatment. The programm works on the so-called technology of augmented reality.

Dental student points his smartphone with the application on any flat subject, such as a table. The application projects a tooth with damage, with a help of a stick-sticker, which turns into a kind of drill, the student must perform the necessary manipulations and remove the damage. At the same time, at the end the program will give him a percentage of the success of the operation, as well as whether healthy tissue was damaged. It’s like in karaoke, when at the end of the song you get points for vocals.

It took three months to develop the project by the specialists from the local IT company ISDDesign.

“ We have been cooperating with the university for a long time. Our director Valery Sharov suggested involving students even at the training stage, because, unfortunately, it is not a standard one, and after graduation, many graduates do not know where to start their career “ – said Alexander Minko, technical director of the company in Dnipro, Ukraine. We give them working space, computers, an idea and a leader. In their free time, they develop projects. One of them is a mobile application for dental students.

The company also collaborates with clients who are involved in the medical field. Therefore, future IT specialists undertook the development of a simulator for the treatment of caries. Alexander Minko notes: the guys really tried, even the company was surprised how good the application came out. Now they are thinking about the future fate of innovation and are sure that it will interest medical companies.

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