At the very least, do not do this immediately after eating.

Everyone knows that you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, or better – after each meal. But, as scientists write, this is not entirely true.

It turns out that thoroughly brushing your teeth is not safe, and you should not use toothpaste and brush all the time. This is the conclusion made by dentists in the United States.

American specialists from the Academy of General Dentistry responsible declare: brushing your teeth after each meal is harmful! According to their study, brushing your teeth within 20 minutes after eating leads to demineralization of the teeth and provokes rapid erosion of enamel.

The fact is, food contains acid that destroys dentin – the so-called layer located under the tooth enamel. Starting to brush our teeth immediately after eating, we push this acid even deeper into the tooth structure, thereby accelerating the process of dentine decomposition, the dentists explained their theory.

Doctors strongly recommend waiting at least an hour to avoid unwanted effects on dental health.


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