French scientists have developed a new method of dental treatment by introducing a special gel into it.

A new discovery was made by doctors from French national institute of health and medical research.

The restoring gel does not protect against, that is, it will not be possible to forego daily brushing of teeth, but in order to cure an already diseased tooth, it is enough to introduce a little new mixture into the hole that has formed or to stick a special film near it. After a month, a carious cavity will overgrow.

This is facilitated by special peptides -melanocyte-stimulating hormones, which the authors of the development placed in the gel and on the film. The cells of the tooth tissue under their influence begin to multiply and indepedently heal the damage. There is no surgical intervention, and it is not necessary to clean the root canals, in case of pulpitis.

The experiments were carried out on mice: it was their teeth that independently healed holes a month after applying the gel and films.

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