British dentists say that sugar and acid in juices are harmful to teeth, especially for children. Experts recommend strictly limit the amount of this drink in the daily diet.

The author of the relevant research Nigel Carter argues that juices contain more sugar and acids than a similar amount of fruit.

And accordingly, the juices have a more devastating effect on the tooth enamel, write Med.Vest.

The UK Dental Association even published a special appeal to British parents asking them to reduce the number of juices and smoothies consumed by children (thick drinks in the form of berries or fruits mixed in blender).

According to dentists, smoothies are even more harmful than juices, since the thick mixture forms a sticky film on the teeth.

Experts recommend parents to limit the amount of juice consumed by their children to 150 milliliters per day.

Earlier, scientists have found that white wine contains components that flush calcium and phosphorus from tooth enamel.

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