Under the influence of electrical impulses, enamel is able to recover on its own.

Reminova specialists have developed a revolutionary technology that allows teeth to recover under the influence of electrical impulses, according to Reuters.

According to the agency, at the moment, researches from the oldest university in the UK, Kings College, have begun testing the technology.

According to scientists, the process of teeth restoration occurs due to the natural remineralization of teeth.

This process happens almost constantly with the teeth, but at a much less intense pace.

With the help of new technology, scientists were able to speed up this process by introducing phosphates and calcium into the structure of the tooth enamel using week electrical impulses.

At the moment, dentists are looking for investors to conduct full-scale clinical trials of technology and launch the first prototype of such a device for dentists.

Dentists have been trying for a long time to find a worthy alternative to filling.

Earlier, dentists from King’s College in London proposed using EAER technology for this purpose.


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