Dazzling white “ Hollywood “ smile is an artificially created standard

Scientists miserably debunked one of the most popular dental myths: the concept of a “ healthy smile “ does not mean snow-white tooth enamel. According to experts, it is the dark shade of the teeth that indicates that the body works “ like a clock “.

The media cite German doctors who claim that the brownish color of the teeth is a sign of an excellent condition of the oral cavity. Experts say that nature does not provide for the shining white color of tooth enamel, and the snow-white “ Hollywood “ smile is a standard artificially created by the people themselves, not connected in any way with healthy physiology.

Doctors say: by agreeing to special manipulations in order to bring their teeth to a state that was not originally conceived by either nature or heredity, a person only harms himself. The fact is that the consequences of such procedures are often the most sad – from changes in the bacterial flora to damage and infection of tissues.

The color of tooth enamel, as well as the color of the eyes, is individual for each person, the scientists concluded. And healthy teeth can be all shades of gray, brown, yellow, blue and even greenish.

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