Oral health is a major indicator of overall health, well-being and quality of life.

Despite this, in Ukraine, the rate of dental morbidity among adults and children reaches 93%. Diseases of the oral cavity are among the most common diseases, and most people begin to actively follow the rules of oral hygiene already in the presence of problems that cause pain and discomfort. One of the most common problems is dental caries in permanent teeth.

A significant proportion of oral diseases can be avoided with preventive measures, including daily brushing twice a day, preventive visits to the dentist, and reducing the consumption of foods containing sugar. Sugar-free chewing gum can be an effective addition to your daily hygiene routine to help clear your mouth after meals.

The Ukrainian Dental Association and the Ukrainian office of Mars, the manufacturer of ORBIT® sugar-free gum, announced a partnership aimed at improving the level of oral and dental health among the population through various preventive measures and educational programs.

“Prevention is the most important condition for maintaining and maintaining oral health. Treating teeth is much more expensive, more difficult and more painful than preventing diseases. We welcome the partnership with Mars Ukraine, which has global expertise in prevention, in the implementation of information and educational campaigns, and look forward to a synergistic the effect of combining our efforts “, – commented Iryna Mazur, MD, President of the Ukrainian Dental Association.

“It is very important to unite efforts to inform our fellow citizens about the peculiarities of maintaining oral health. In partnership with the Association of Dentists of Ukraine, we can achieve tangible success in this direction,” notes Ruslan Skiba, Director of Corporate Relations at Mars Ukraine. “In many countries, the company Mars has partnered with dental professionals, community organizations and consumers to promote the benefits of sugar-free gum as a convenient daily oral care product. “

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