The electric drill appeared in 1907.

Today, March 6, is the International Day of the Dentist.

The selection for the date of the celebration is not accidental

It was on March, 6, that one of the outstanding inventions in the dental business was made: in 1790, John Greenwood, a dentist from Washington and George Washington’s personal dentist invented a dental instrument.

This device was a weighty drill with a foot drive. However, with his help, Greenwood was able to make four dentures for Washington.

Another fact attracts attention – as a foot drive for boron, Greenwood adapted the wheel of a spinning wheel, which was used by his mother.

Note that the electric drill appeared only in 1907.

Also among the innovations in this area is the invetion of a tube for toothpaste by Dr. Washington Sheffield, as well as the release of the world’s first toothbrush with artificial synthetic nylon fiber instead of natural bristles.

Initially, International Day of the Dentist was celebrated only in the USA, where it had the status of a national professional holiday.

One of the first countries to take over the holiday was India.

Strangely enough, the traditional events on this day are lectures and educational work on the need for regular and thorough dental care.

However, special attention is paid to the prevention of children’s caries

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