Minister of Health gave several recommendations to children

“With the appearance of the first tooth, you need to start using a toothbrush. For children, there are special toothbrushes with a small head and soft bristles with rounded tips. Toothpaste for children under three years old should be like a grain of rice with a minimum amount of fluoride. After three years, the amount of toothpaste per the brush should grow to the size of a pea, “notes Ulyana Suprun.

Children aged 4-5 should start learning how to brush their teeth on their own. However, in children, the appropriate skills and correct movements, which are necessary for effective brushing of teeth, are produced only closer to reaching the age of 10 years, “the acting minister explained.

“Teeth should be brushed for at least two minutes,” says Suprun. “You can set a timer or play their favorite song, which will help children get used to the time to brush their teeth. It is also recommended to show your child a video on how to brush your teeth properly.”

It is important to teach your child the correct brushing technique from the very beginning.

“You need to brush the inner, outer and chewing surfaces of the teeth. Always brush in the same order so that the child gets used to it. The brush should be placed at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the surface of the teeth,” she wrote.

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