Ukrainians will have to pay for other dental services without a referral from a family doctor, the NHSU said.

Urgent and pediatric dental care in Ukraine will be provided at the expense of the state budget through the National Health Service of Ukraine (NHSU), said Deputy Minister of Health Pavel Kovtonyuk. 

“We classify dental care as specialized outpatient medical care without a referral from a family doctor. Medical services without a referral will be paid, but dental care will be paid for by the NHSU if it is urgent or for children,” he said at the seminar “First results of medical reform: experience regions “within the framework of the international exhibition Public Health in Kiev.

As reported, the NHSU, acting as a customer of medical services, sent UAH 819.8 million to healthcare institutions that joined the medical reform during the first stage of signing contracts in July-September 2018.

Currently, following the results of two stages of signing contracts with the NHSU, 623 business entities have started to work in accordance with the new financing mechanism: 538 communal non-profit enterprises (KNP), 47 private clinics, as well as 38 doctors working as individual entrepreneurs (IE) …

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