What is useful to eat to maintain a healthy oral cavity

The dentist named 6 products that will improve the condition of the oral cavity. So, the following drinks and foods are useful for teeth:

1) Chicory. it will help improve the circulation of the oral cavity.

2) Fish. It is a source of phosphorus.

3) Dairy products. They contain calcium.

4) Seaweed. They are rich in iodine and amino acids.

5) Water. Saliva, which protects the oral cavity and teeth from harmful bacteria, is 98% water. Also in the water there are fluorides that make tooth enamel stronger.

6) Vegetables, fruits and herbs. They contain many minerals, vitamins and carotene, which are useful for the oral mucosa. Pumpkin is a source of fluoride, zinc and selenium. Spinach is a source of calcium. Hard fruits and vegetables also help strengthen your gums.

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